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Perfect combined masterclass on Brow Lamination, Lash Lifting & Powder Henna. 


If you are an eyelash/eyebrow stylist or just want to start working as a lash stylist, this
training is just for you!

What can your clients expect and what is the procedure?
This treatment is intended for all people who do not want to or cannot wear false eyelashes,
and who like the effect of curled eyelashes as with an eyelash curler. The best results are
achieved by people with straight, growing down eyelashes or drooping eyelids. The
treatment is also intended for people who want to strengthen and nourish their eyelashes.

♦ What is it about?
Lash lifting is a non-invasive procedure that involves curling the eyelashes at their roots and
modeling their shape, which does not weaken or overburden the eyelashes.
The next stage is dyeing the eyelashes with henna, which is to give the eyelashes a beautiful
and intense color.
The last stage is LAMINATION, the task of which is to protect and provide adequate
hydration for natural eyelashes and to partially rebuild the lost proteins.
Additionally, the treatment is enriched with BOTOX, a preparation designed to strengthen
and thicken natural eyelashes.  It contains vitamins and minerals that nourish and
regenerate the hair.

♦ Effects?
After the treatment, the eyelashes are visibly curled, moisturised, soft and shiny.  Thanks to
the introduction of pigments, we can also enhance their color.  This effect lasts throughout
the eyelash life cycle - up to 8 weeks.  After the treatment, you can still use mascara and use
your favourite cosmetics.


What is eyebrow lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is a real hit in the eyebrow styling world! To put it simply, lamination of eyebrows is a procedure that allows for a semi-permanent change in the arrangement of eyebrow hairs. If your client does not have perfect eyebrows and the hair is unruly or grows irregularly - eyebrow lamination is a procedure that allows you to rearrange and temporarily change the direction of the hair.

We can combine the lamination treatment with colouring and hair removal, obtaining a comprehensive eyebrow transformation.


Brow (Latin supercilium) - is an arched protrusion on the frontal bone above the eye.  In
addition to the basic function of protecting the eye from getting in pollution from the outside,
eyebrows are of great importance in giving our face aesthetics.  Eyebrows can emphasise our
beauty and disfigure it. This it is the eyebrows that "speak" when we are silent.  Eyebrows
aren't just the key to non-verbal communication. In the modern canon of beauty is a frame
for beauty. Incompetently modeled can make our entire face look sad or tired.  Everyone has
fixed eyebrows and cannot be changed radically, but you can correct and highlight their shape.
The eyebrows are the frame of the whole eye, so the entire styling should be carefully thought out. 
The course is divided into theoretical and practical parts.

In the theoretical part, we discuss such issues as:

» Health and safety at work of a stylist
» Preparation of the workplace
» Professional customer service (interview, customer card)
» Materials Science
» Eyebrow characteristics
» Choosing the shape of the eyebrows to the type of beauty
» Analysis of beauty types
» The structure of the eyebrows
» Overview of the anatomical structure of the hair
» Describes the life cycle of a hair
» Brow adjustment with 4 methods (contraindications to the treatment, skin preparation
   for the treatment, treatment procedure, the most common mistakes)
» About the different types of tweezers
» Characteristics of henna
» Comparison of henna and dyes - pros and cons
» Indications and contraindications for the powder henna treatment
» Recommendations to the client
» Factors influencing the color effect
» Allergies - how to recognise, treat and prevent
» Characteristics of tools and products used in eyebrow styling (materials science)
» Types of skin
» Phototypes of the skin
» Colorometry - choosing the right color of henna


During the practical part, students first learn how to make face geometry on a drawing, then
perform face geometry on a model, henna treatment and eyebrow adjustment, as well
as post-treatment eyebrow makeup under the supervision of a lecturer and instructor.

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