. Maxi Speed

Maxi Speed

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Maxi Speed

♦ 3ml
♦ drying time - 0,5-1 second
♦ humidity - 30-60 %
♦ temperature - 19-27°C
♦ consistency - medium-thick
♦ fumes - 7/10
♦ durability - 5-7 weeks

IMPORTANT: Our adhesives do not contain Carbon (a synthetic substance resulting from the combustion of hydrocarbons or oil).
In all our adhesives, the coloring component is iron oxide, which is a natural component found in, among others in mineral cosmetics. It's safe for people allergic to nickel.

Humidity: 40-60%. Less than 40% may result in eyelid irritation as glue does not dry in low humidity and vapors still persist. The less humidity the more vapor. Can use nano-mist so the glue polymerizes faster.

Moisturizer is an essential product of stylist's work!